Language School - specialists in Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced
Nuestros cursos: en castellano
Els nostros cursos: en català
Our courses: in English
Unsere Kurse: auf Deutsch
Наши курсы: на русском языке
Idiomas, fechas, precios, condiciones
Idiomes, dates, preus, condicions
Languages, dates, prices, conditions
Sprachen, Termine, Preise, Bedingungen
Языки, даты, цeны, условия


What can I expect of a masbla language course?

What options do we offer?

  • mini-group courses (maximum 6 people)
    well-balanced groups
    2 hours per week
    24 hours per term
    courses leading to exams at level A2 - B1 - B2 - C1 - C2

  • private lessons
    In exceptional cases we offer private lessons with a personalized course programme

What are our lessons like?

  • Our courses are always presential, either held in school or online, according to the circumstances and the group's preferences.
    Online lessons follow the same format and methods: you'll take full part in intensive and entertaining oral activities, and carry out written assignments between lessons.

  • Reading comprehension:
    we teach strategies for effective understanding of texts at and above the level you are studying;
    we practise with comprehension assignments in official exam formats.

  • Listening comprehension:
    we use a variety of recordings and exercises which mirror real life and prepare you for official listening comprehension tests.

  • Vocabulary and structures:
    you'll learn and practise orally and in writing, step by step, in real life contexts.

  • Speaking:
    you'll practise both individual skills (describing, expounding, presenting) and group strategies (conversing, exchanging ideas, negotiating), and learn how to deal with official speaking tests.

  • Writing:
    we work on official exam formats: essays, correspondence, articles, reviews, reports, etc. depending on your level;
    assignments are prepared in class and carried out outside lesson time;
    we give you full feedback on your assignments.

Who are the teachers?

qualified linguists with many years' experience
official examiners

Do you prepare for exams?

We spcialise in the CAMBRIDGE exams.
The content of official exams is practised thoroughly.
A mock exam is carried out before the enrolment date.

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